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“Jessie expertly handled the campaign around Laura Marling's latest album.”
— Everybody's Management
“Jessie showed thoroughness and expertise in the planning and execution.”
— MPL Communications Ltd
“It's been really valuable to have Jessie at Wicksteed's expertise.”
— Bic Runga
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What we do

  • Plan and optimise your fanbase communication strategy
  • Help you to find the best ecommerce solution for your next album or tour
  • Get you set up to maximise sales across music, merchandise and tickets
  • End your struggle to make sense of the options, and set you on the road to take the best care of your fans

We’re here to help.

We’ll guide you in representing your authentic self through a professional online presence, making certain that your fans are treated like royalty, and ensuring you’re maximising sales.

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Connect with fans

We help you create and manage an effective audience communication strategy. This begins with an online health check, where we assess all channels, make recommendations on ways to improve, and action the changes.

Creating and managing an ongoing communication plan is the next piece, covering all the relevant channels from email and website to socials, event listing services and streaming partners.

We'll also help you address your data protection processes, and navigate your way to GDPR compliance.

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Sell your stuff

When it comes to ecommerce, with such a range of options now available to power sales of music, merchandise and tickets, the choice can be overwhelming.

We'll help identify your campaign objectives, and provide personalised recommendations for the best ecommerce providers for your project. We advise you on best practice product strategy, and help you to create the right product mix to maximise your market potential.

And we'll save you making from the single biggest pricing mistake!

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Are you using the right third-party service to sell to fans?

Check out our industry-leading comparison for an overview of the market: Which Platform is the definitive tool to help music industry professionals including artists, management and labels. Now featuring 15 leading international platforms. Decide which direct-to-fan ecommerce platform is best suited to your needs, and see features you might be missing out on.

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Wicksteed Works is a boutique consultancy laser focused on empowering musicians to maximise their audience and sales potential through connection, communication and coordination of kick ass direct-to-fan campaigns.

Founding director Jessie Scoullar cut her teeth on the world of direct-to-fan in the fast-paced environment of Topspin Media’s Creative Services team, where she produced campaigns for major artists including Fatboy Slim, Sigur Rós, and Paul McCartney. In 2012 she set up Wicksteed Works as an independent direct-to-fan agency and went on to work with Noel Gallagher, Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling and more. Before leaving her native New Zealand in 2007, she worked with CRS Management and practised as a commercial solicitor.

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